Pebbles in the Water – Georgi Y. Johnson

In this year, I enjoyed the gift of a new intimacy with the ISSP family in Holland, and what a pleasure it is. It’s no exaggeration to say that each conversation, each contact and each hug with the people in and around the workshops in Haren and Glastonbury have left me changed, enriched and humbled. The diversity of qualities, the integrity in the challenges of each individual, the beauty of the insights and above all, the purity of heart is beyond words. Gradually it seems that we are moving deeper through layers of togetherness, as an unconditional and liberating unity becomes increasingly revealed.

This year took us to Italy and California to SAND  conferences, and also to England (my motherland :-)). In and around the ancient sites of Glastonbury there seems to be an open channel of an unconditional, feminine aspect which is so richly silent and so much at source of us all. Each i-Exist retreat in England seems to be more profound. It’s a deepening experience that changes lives and needs to be shared. We’re looking forward to the mysteries to be revealed at i-Exist in April 2016.

It seems that the deeper we move through the layers of contraction or expansion connected with the Mother, the more we become unconsciously directed towards the opening of our deeper purpose here. Choices seem to require less justification. Thinking gives way to something more like intuitive knowing. Feelings become transient clouds passing through an unmoving infinity of space.

One of the channels that opened this year has been the need to do what we can in bridging the information gap between the healing arts and the conventional worlds of science, psychology, medicine and psychiatry. In the rift between these competing authorities, many suffer senselessly and can be left isolated, rejected and judged in a manner which breaks the heart. Much of the problem is a lack of information combined with fear. We so much hope to continue to be of service in this area in the coming year.

The Spiritual Psychology Education brings methods that move us directly to the causal layers of physical health, feelings and thoughts. The work with subtle dimensions of experience has the potential to bring balance, clarity and freedom. Having talked to many scientists, psychologists and experts on mental illness, I am shaken awake by how much work is needed to establish a refreshed, more rational basis to our views on physical, emotional and mental health. From my perspective, the advance of the ISSP vision and education is a key part of this.

In our last visit to Russel Williams in Manchester, he said: “When we throw a pebble into the water, who knows how far the ripples reach?” Everything is possible. As long as we keep quietly throwing pebbles. I’m honored to be part of the ISSP family, and am grateful to be connected with this sensitive, wise and flowering community which is silently of such a great service to humanity as a whole.

With love and peace for the new year,


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