The Grounding: Spiritual Psychology Level I

Adjunct Practitioner

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

SP Level I consists of 5 modules, in which each module, (depending on the facilitator), consists of 3×2 days, 2×3 days or 5 consecutive days.

In SP Level I, a foundation is laid to work as a spiritual psychologist, coach or healer. The total training of SP Level I takes about 21/2 years and certifies attendees as an Adjunct Practitioner of Spiritual Psychology. This represents an affiliation, basic knowledge in Spiritual Psychology and the availability of the international ISSP network as a resource for the practitioner in the form of supervision, consultation, and community.

In addition to the transfer of knowledge, SP Level I opens the energetic ground for inner growth and self-development through shared inquiry, meditation, and contemplation. Within Spiritual Psychology, experiential inner work is understood as critical to the work with others. The personal experience of moving beyond inner conflicts, contractions, patterns of stress and depression, and trauma supports self-confidence, freedom, and creativity working with others.

SP Level I delves into the following themes:

  • Allowing inner space to increase the awareness of inner processes and the movement of energy.
  • Noticing the transformative effect of consciousness through meditation and partner work.
  • The structure of the human organism: including an exploration of the physical and subtle bodies – such as the etheric, astral and mental.
  • Belief systems and thought patterns, and the experiential dimensions of the mind.
  • Illness and health: from the perspective of living energy.
  • Basic skills as a therapist: from the perspective of living energy.
  • Reviews of therapeutic and healing alternatives.
  • Core qualities and personal talents.
  • Insight into mental, emotional and sentient processes.
  • The psychology of birth and death.
  • Working with the elements of earth, water, and fire.
  • Centering, balancing and harmonizing between inner and outer layers of experience.
  • Grounding, relaxation, and affirmation in physically ‘being here’, including the ability to bring structure to ‘daily life’ through expression.

The Spiritual Psychology Education