Bob Moore

The roots of ISSP can be traced back to the Irish spiritual teacher Robert Moore.

Bob Moore dedicated his life to research and training in its training in Denmark. For more than four decades, he studied and taught the anatomy, physiology and psychology of the subtle energy body (including chakras, auras, meridians). Bob also worked with various forms of meditation, healing and the liberation of consciousness. This combination led to a profound and valuable training for generations of professionals who went on to teach around the world, each from their own qualities.

Bart ten Berge trained for over two decades with Bob Moore. With a professional background in medicine, psychology, and homeopathy, Bart integrated his knowledge and experience with the teachings of Bob in order to form the 7-year Healing Principle Education – which has now been taught internationally for over 25 years.

Graduates of Bart’s education came together a decade ago to evolve the education further and in collaboration, each contributing their own unique skills, perspective and experience. In 2012, the initiative acquired the name of the International School of Spiritual Psychology (ISSP).

Today The International School of Spiritual Psychology is becoming a vital resource of education, information, therapy, and compassion, on an international scale.