Certification & Accreditation

untitledLevel 1 education in Spiritual Psychology is a US accredited postgraduate study for doctors, psychologists and nurses. Additional licensing procedures are now underway in the US and Europe.

ISSP is registered with the CRKBO (Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs) as a Dutch educational organisation. This registration entitles ISSP to offer certain courses and professional trainings under the VAT exemption fiscal regime in the Netherlands.

Ethical Code

ISSP espouses a professional and ethical code of conduct for its teachers, therapists and counsellors. To support this, ethical guidelines have been formulated for ISSP students, graduates, teachers and professionals. Compiled by the ISSP Ethics Committee, these codes are not offered as a support and guideline to the ISSP community in order to:

“Promote a safe and professional environment for the nurturing of optimal training and personal development.”