Bart ten Berge

Bart is the architect and inspiration behind the seven-year Spiritual Psychology education (which is often still called “The Healing Principle”). This unique and highly effective system has trained generations of high-quality practitioners of depth psychology and healing around the world.

The Healing Principle offers a unique blend out of Bart’s studies with the Danish spiritual healer Robert Moore, with Bart’s own qualities and insights as a doctor, medical intuitive, psychologist, and homeopath. Bart’s combination of background knowledge with deep psychic intuition and his ability to support people at the depth has accompanied hundreds of individuals in processes of inner growth, healing, and freedom and forms the basis of the International School of Spiritual Psychology.


Georgi Y. Johnson

Integrating spiritual psychology with nonduality and pioneering the understanding of the psyche before and after conscious awakening, Georgi’s focus is on the paradigm shift in consciousness from belief in the personality as a separate, fixed entity, to the liberation into true nature. Like Bart ten Berge and Robert Moore, she believes that this transmutation is achieved through the connection with inherent qualities of consciousness.

Georgi offers private mentorship, consultation, and is regularly hosted for workshops in international venues pioneering science, spirituality, and psychology. Often, Bart & Georgi work together as a unique team in the global arena of healing.

Georgi is the author of Nondual Therapy – The Psychology of Awakening. Her other books include Nondual Passion – A Quality of Consciousness in Nondual Therapy; I AM HERE – Opening the Windows of Life & Beauty.


Pauli van Engelen

Drawing on the tradition of Anthroposophy, Pauli says that this legacy, which she has studied since she was 18, has been a major source of inspiration in her life. She worked in an anthroposophic hospital and give has given extensive individual counseling in this field. There, she works as a mental health nurse practitioner and with essential oil massage. She also works as a trainer and supports organizations and teams in healthcare.  In addition, Pauli has a private practice for therapy and coaching in Groningen, Netherlands, and each autumn she leads a Nature Retreat in Portugal.


Anita Hellemons

Anita gives the ISSP education together with Yvette, integrating the work with spirituality, characterology and communication. She is trained in Ayurveda (massage therapist and practitioner) and is a certified media regulator from the Chopra Center in USA.


Yvette Hooites Meursing

Yvette is the top expert in the field of Character Intelligence in the Netherlands, is a psychotherapist member of the European Association of Psychotherapists, is a developer of the Character Test, has set up a successful Character Coach training in the Netherlands and works with a team of licensed Character Coaches.

She is the author of several books on Character Intelligence, Leadership and Customer Orientation. Her book ‘The Happy Client’ was nominated in 2012 as Coach Book of the Year, by the Dutch Association for Professional Coaches. She is a Chopra Center Certified Instructor.