Celebrating diversity within unity, ISSP is dedicated to the art and science of individual and collective healing and evolution through high quality and certified education.

ISSP is dedicated to:

  • the advance of the art and science of individual and collective healing through high quality, certified education.
  • the integration of spiritual healing into all walks of life.
  • the sharing of insight across the platforms of medicine, psychology, and every field where the dedication is to be of service to the whole.

ISSP is a multifaceted organization of teachers, educators, therapists, and individuals guided by the wisdom of unity to be of service to the whole.

The School is founded on the basic principles of togetherness and collaboration, aiming to honor and respect the unique strengths of each individual in an atmosphere of shared evolution, collaboration, and communication.

As an organization, ISSP is committed to human unity and interbeing in an atmosphere of peace and love, and to offering service through the expression of individual and shared qualities. In the same way, ISSP offers an integrated education in spiritual healing for individuals from all walks of life.

This Spiritual Psychology education certified through the ISSP offers a depth and quality of knowledge, understanding, and techniques. The inner and outer process of the education empowers individuals to allow shifts in their lives, as well as opening possibilities to work with healing and meditation in various forms.

In the Netherlands, the ISSP Education is registered with the CRKBO.