“The movement from mind to experience is the most critical shift in self development. In that moment, we open the means to express who we authentically are, and who we need to be.”

Bart ten Berge

Plato suggested that the brain is the center of mental processes. Aristotle disagreed: the center, he said, is the heart.

Research in psychology seeks to understand and explain how we think, act and feel. The general field of psychology evolved out of both philosophy and biology. Discussions of these two subjects date back to the early Greek thinkers, including Aristotle and Socrates. The word psychology is derived from the Greek word psyche, meaning ‘soul’.

While the therapeutic field of psychology has taken many twists and turns through many schools, the core of the science is found at its origin, the cultivation of a deeper, more alive and integrated feeling connection with the depths of ourselves, the area the ancient Greeks called “soul”.

7_ChakrasSpiritual psychology, unlike traditional psychology, takes a paradigm shift in its focus on areas of experience in the moment. While we are conditioned to believe that experience follows the dictates of the mind, spiritual psychology opens another possibility. By bringing attentiveness to the most authentic areas of experience, including emotions and feelings, spiritual psychology lets the mind follow the movement of what is there, rather than trying to dictate through repression or diversion what it has learned “should” to be.

Left untrained, the mind tends to follow the logic of survival, determined by a variety of fears – of death, illness, social rejection and/or insanity. Our capacity to contain these fears is reflected in our ability to grow, manifest ourselves and to find happiness and success in our lives. Movement beyond fear also releases layers of stress and mental unrest which can affect our physical health and happiness, as well as our full ability to function as a loving individual in unity with the whole.

Carefully structured exercises and meditations handed down through a lineage of teachers have proven their worth and offer a grounded, integrated system for inner growth that liberates old fears in order to create a deeper connection with our qualities, deeper needs, and chosen direction. The more we are able to develop ourselves within this process, the greater our unique wisdom, vitality, and ability to support others through our work.

The Spiritual Psychology education is not affiliated with any religion or belief system and has no agenda other than the promotion of well being. Students have included professionals from all walks of life and all backgrounds, professions, and ages. The depth of the education means it smoothly integrates to empower and allign align all forms of manifestation.

The full Spiritual Psychology education is a seven-year process, which is organized into three phases, each of which is certified and applicable. All workshops include unique meditations, exercises, sharing, and hands-on experience through partner-work. The Spiritual Psychology training is available in the US, Spain, UK, The Netherlands, and Israel. If you would like to take part in or host an ISSP training, please get in touch.

You can find out more about the structure of the education here. 

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