The Effect of Loving Awareness on Trauma & Addiction

In this video, Scott Kiloby discusses the link between trauma and addiction.

In founding the Kiloby Center for Recovery, Scott has employed a “trauma first model” which helps clients struggling with addiction to examine and dissolve key traumatic events from earlier in life before going deeper with presence work. Scott says that skipping over early trauma can result in escaping and seeking behaviors continuing in adulthood. Often, people do not make the connection between trauma and addictive seeking. But seeking is escape from pain. At Scott’s Center, he and his staff of facilitators use the Living Inquiries and other mindfulness-based approaches to resolve trauma and ultimately come to rest in the peace of the present moment. The Kiloby Center for Recovery is the first U.S. treatment center to focus primarily on mindfulness/present moment awareness to treat addiction, anxiety, trauma and depression.

Scott Kiloby is the creator of the Living Inquiries and Natural Rest for Addiction and the author of six books. He is also the co-founder of a new addiction treatment center in Palm Springs, California called “The Kiloby Center for Recovery.” When Scott is not working at the Center, he travels around the world giving talks on non-dual recognition and its application to very human issues such as addiction, anxiety and depression. You can find information about the Kiloby Center at

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