Portugal, Source in Nature

Nature meditation retreat, Portugal, with Pauli van Engelen

The source in nature 6-11 october 2017

Experience aliveness

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The stress of daily sometimes blocks our bonding with ourselves and with our surroundings. Experiencing the beauty of nature creates an opening, our bodies and senses open up. By being in natural surroundings for a longer period of time, you can experience that our essence stems from the same source as does the all-embracing nature around us.

On the slopes of the Serra da Estrala (the mountains of the stars) you can find the Quinta Sante Antonio centered in an old olive orchard. The retreat will be here to deepen or mend your bonding with your inner nature and the nature around you. Awareness will waken for death and aliveness. We achieve this by meditating in nature, by doling a solo quest in nature or in the chapel, travel by foot into the mountains on ancient Roman paths.


portWe are bonded and separated at the same time. There is a framework in which we are all bonded to each other and to the nature around us. This framework runs through the bonds we created in ourselves. But also through the separations we created. Your consciousness hereof can grow by a process of stillness. Awareness of nature being in you and you being in nature. This leads to filling the ego with non-self elements.

The quinta with the big house is situated near the village of Mélo in Gouveia. The quinta has a swimming pool with water from the water mines, a wood oven in which meals are prepared and a chapel (with a relic of St. Anthony) in which you can retreat to silence. The program will be largely provided by Pauli van Engelen. Corrie Meindertsma and Jaap Vrieling will be our hostess and host. They have been the caretakers of the estate for many years and have restored it to a natural state.


portugal1October 6

Friday afternoon arrival via Porto-airport (the quinta is a two hour drive from the airport of Porto), joint dinner and evening program of meditation and walking in nature on the terrain, experience sunset (19:00)

October 7

Saturday: 7:00 am sunrise meditation outside

After breakfast, meditative walk

Afternoon: Silent Stay in nature; wisdom, and peace of the olive tree

Evening: After dinner evening program with meditation and sunset

portugal4October 8

Sunday: sunrise meditation outside

After breakfast preparing for a 24 hours solo in nature

Evening: sunset meditation in nature

October 9

Monday: afternoon we will return from the solo

Evening: sunset meditation in nature

portugal3October 10

Tuesday sunrise meditation outside

Hiking in the mountains or traveling to Dolmen Mangualda to meditate there.

October 11

Wednesday Flight back (to the Netherlands at approximately 9:00 from Porto)



5 days retreat including meals and accommodation. Early bird discount: 490 euro when booked and paid before June 1; 550 euros after June 1st.

portNot Included; Book/Pay yourself:

  • Flight approx 100 euros (hand luggage only) departure Eindhoven on Friday and return Wednesday from Porto.
  • Car rent approx. 60 to 70 euros (incl. Fuel and all risk when used by several persons), we can mediate.
  • Drinking and eating on terraces (very affordable)

Two days stay extension is available for 30 euros per day without program.

In the neighborhood it is possible to visit several towns and villages; hang gliding / paragliding are also among the possibilities.


Travel- and cancellation insurance is your own responsibility. Cancellations must be received by July 1; after July 1 50% of the costs shall have to be paid, after August 1 the full amount will be charged (unless you provide replacement).

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